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Welcome to the NIHR Colorectal Therapies Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC). We are focused on looking at developing novel solutions to both the challenges faced by patients who suffer from colorectal disease and the needs of clinicians in treating these patients. In order to do this we are developing a network of academic, NHS, industry and patient partners to focus on developing solutions in three areas: Engineering, Nanotechnology & Biosensing.

The Colorectal Therapies HTC network will build on existing strengths in these areas in order to foster a national and international profile for the HTC and our aim is to serve as the first port of call for individuals, innovators, researchers and organisations involved in the treatment of colorectal disease.

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For Clinicians

For clinicians the HTC offers access to a diverse range of scientific talent with expertise to address innovations gaps.

Scientists & Academics

For Scientists & Academics HTC brings clinicians engagement for research collaboration.

For Industry

Industry benefits include access to both scientific expertise and clinical engagement.

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Upcoming meetings

National Meeting 2017

Jugaad or ‘frugal’ innovation will be the theme for the HTC’s 2017 National Meeting, to be held in Leeds on 26 September.

Leeds Town Hall
Useful for
Clinicians, Engineers, HTC Meetings, Industry, Patients, Public & Scientists

Kids Toilet Talk

An incontinence workshop and fun day for children and young people.

Thackerey Medical Museum
Useful for
Patients & Public

Recent projects

Harvesting fat cells to repair anastomotic leaks

A method of using patients’ own fat cells during colorectal surgery to promote healing is being investigated in a collaborative research partnership.

Project Lead
Annabelle Williams, Clinical Research Fellow, Leeds Institute of Biological and Clinical Sciences

Monitoring vital signs using patch technology

A wearable, wireless system that can monitor a patient’s vital signs post-surgery is being evaluated to assess if it can deliver reliable, timely data to enable early detection of health deterioration.

Project Lead
David Jayne, Clinical Director, NIHR Colorectal Therapies Healthcare Technology Co-operative

Latest news

Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Five

In the last week of their internship at Baylor College of Medicine, our students worked hard to get their projects completed in time for a final presentation, but were also able to watch surgery being performed on a patient with liver cancer.

Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Four

Hurricane Harvey kept the Interns at home for a couple of days during Week Four but, by Wednesday, they were back at Baylor working hard on their projects. Towards the end of the week, Ella, Hannah and Sam visited Rice University where they joined a volunteer team offering help to Houston residents