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Nerves on trial to help bowel recovery

An innovative use of nerve stimulation to prevent the bowel ‘going to sleep’ following colorectal surgery is to be trialled in Leeds.

Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Five

In the last week of their internship at Baylor College of Medicine, our students worked hard to get their projects completed in time for a final presentation, but were also able to watch surgery being performed on a patient with liver cancer.

Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Four

Hurricane Harvey kept the Interns at home for a couple of days during Week Four but, by Wednesday, they were back at Baylor working hard on their projects. Towards the end of the week, Ella, Hannah and Sam visited Rice University where they joined a volunteer team offering help to Houston residents

Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Three

In their third week at Baylor Medical Center, our students are developing their personal projects, getting to grips with new 3D design software and viewing America’s first total solar eclipse in nearly a century. With Hurricane Harvey fast approaching, they also spent some time making preparations to shelter from the storm.