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Engineering Challenge X

HTC Programme Manager, Dr Neville Young, was one of the speakers at ‘Incontinence: the Engineering Challenge X’, a two-day conference organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

The event, aimed at engineers, researchers, clinicians as well as people living with the condition, provided a platform for discussion, new thinking and the latest developments on the subject of incontinence. New technologies to diagnose, treat and manage incontinence were discussed, as well as the limitations of existing technology and work underway to overcome them. The event also provided an opportunity for sufferers and their carers to share the problems surrounding incontinence that they would most like to see solved.

Dr Young gave a short presentation on the work of the HTC as part of a session on incontinence-related networks.

“When tackling problems like incontinence and particularly when identifying unmet needs for which there might be a technological solution, it’s really important to involve everyone.”, said Dr Young. “This is the role of the HTC and this event was an important part of that process, as it had a high level of participation by patients affected by the condition.”