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Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week One

Baylor internsThree Leeds students are undertaking internships at Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, Texas, after winning a competition for an all-expenses-paid five-week trip, funded by the HTC.

Undergraduates Hannah Lyons (medicine) and Ella Mencel (engineering), along with PhD student Sam Moorcroft (physics) are part of the 50-strong HTC Foundation, a student-led affiliation of the Colorectal Therapies HTC. During the five-week internship, they are each producing a series of blogs about their experiences and about what they have learned.

The Foundation was set up to provide students from different scientific disciplines with an opportunity to work together and it has funded the internships through sponsorship of its ongoing events programme.

The Baylor Medical Centre specialises in colorectal surgery colorectal and is working to bring engineers, academics and clinicians together with industry to innovate around surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes – goals which are very similar to those of the HTC.

If successful, the programme could become an annual opportunity.

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