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Funding call for incubator start up packages

At the 2016 Leeds NIHR HTC Colorectal Therapies annual meeting, some key areas of unmet clinical need were identified as ripe for future research and innovation, under the themes of nanotechnology, robotics and imaging.

To support research activities in these areas, the HTC is offering ‘incubator packages’ for open competition. If you have an excellent idea for a project within these themes and would like to apply for a small start-up grant, we would like to hear from you.

Applications are welcome from clinicians, academics, and industry partners. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, and would like the Colorectal Therapies HTC to support an initial incubator workshop, please apply for funding by 31st January 2017.

Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:


  • Nanotechnology Approaches for Tumour Targeting & Treatment
  • Nanotechnologies for physico-chemical approaches for more effective targeting (e.g. role of multivalency)
  • Nanotechnologies routes for the avoidance of nanoparticle accumulation in the liver
  • Nanotechnologies for new hyperthermia based treatments (magnetic and optical) with potential for reduced overheating and improved efficacy


  • Robotic-assistance in surgery
  • Robotic devices as diagnostic aids
  • Robots to enhance postoperative recovery


  • Enhanced imaging to improve diagnostic precision
  • Enhanced imaging to improve clinician performance
  • Multi-modality imaging
  • Improved image contrast agents

The successful applicants can expect to receive the following from the Colorectal Therapies HTC:

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Venue and catering paid for
  • Confidentiality agreements arranged
  • Access to academics/clinicians/industry/health economists (for exploratory workshop)
  • HTC to put in place a road map to commercialisation/proof of concept study/prototyping/etc
  • Access to regulatory and legal advice

Please complete the application form and email to colorectalhtc@leeds.ac.uk to register your interest. The deadline for application submission is 31st January 2017 and we aim to announce decisions by 31st March 2017.