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HTC supports trial of new wireless patient monitoring device

A new wearable device to wirelessly monitor patients’ vital signs is being trialled on bowel surgery patients, in a joint collaboration between the HTC, St James’s Hospital and UK company Sensium Healthcare.

The project has captured the attention of George Freeman MP, the Minister for Life Sciences, who commented: “This latest trial has the potential to bring huge benefits to patients and staff and highlights why the NHS is the ideal place to test new digital technologies. We are committed to supporting new medical innovations which is why we invest £1 billion a year in the National Institute for Health Research, helping to introduce the latest innovations into the healthcare system as quickly as possible.”

The lightweight patch, called SensiumVitals®, measures a patient’s heart rate, respiration and temperature – sharing data with clinicians through hospital IT systems. Monitoring vital signs every two minutes, the system highlights any significant changes, enabling clinicians to act immediately.

The trial, led by HTC Clinical Director, Professor David Jayne, began in July this year and will involve approximately 100 patients. It is expected to last six months, and if successful, could see the technology trialled in larger studies across the NHS.

Professor Jayne said: “Post-surgery, patients’ health can deteriorate rapidly.  In these circumstances, it is important that clinicians are able to intervene as quickly as possible. During the evaluation, the system will be compared with standard hospital monitoring to determine if it allows earlier detection of post-operative complications.”

The trial launch was covered widely in the media, including the Daily Telegraph