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Internships at Baylor College of Medicine: Week Five

Baylor blog week 5In the last week of their internship at Baylor College of Medicine, our students worked hard to get their projects completed in time for a final presentation. They were also able to watch surgery being performed on a patient with liver cancer, witnessing at first-hand the decisions that surgeons must make in order to carry out a successful operation.

A final highlight of their stay in Houston was a trip to the NASA Johnson Space Centre, taking in the history of space travel, from the Gemini and Apollo missions to the Independence Space Shuttle.

Professor Stuart Corr, from the Baylor College of Medicine, described Hannah, Ella and Sam as ‘very hard-working, enthusiastic, and intelligent students’ and said their group and individual projects were ‘exceptional’.

“It was a privilege to host them and they were exceptional ambassadors for Leeds University and the HTC,” he said. “We would be delighted to host further students from the Leeds/HTC network next year.”

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