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Meetings in Bath, Glasgow and Oxford expand the HTC nationally

The HTC has hosted 3 meetings around the U.K to launch regional hubs in the Southwest, Southeast and Scotland/Northern England.

The meetings, held in Bath, Glasgow and Oxford throughout March were well attended by academic, industry and clinical specialists, as well as public and patient advocates. The focus of the meetings was to create cohesive, cross-disciplinary groups to brainstorm new and innovative solutions to unmet clinical needs suffered by patients with colorectal disorders.

These included: (for further information please click on each unmet need)


The day events in Bath and Oxford, and the day and a half event in Glasgow, where facilitated by Know Innovation and began with presentations of the unmet clinical needs followed by mixed group working to define areas for research innovation, “soap-box” opportunities, and presentations of ideas generated.

In Bath and Glasgow, competitions were held to identify the best local research that had potential for clinical translation. The winner at the Bath Meeting was Mr. Kenneth Keogh for his presentation on a novel therapy for perianal fistula. In Glasgow, the winner was Dr. Muhammad Sadiq for his presentation on a medical device that can maximise the benefits of ultrasound guided procedures.

Our thanks go to all those people who took part in the 3 events (a total of 41 clinicians, 57 academics, 24 commercial partners, 9 patient representatives and 5 individuals from networking organisations) for giving up their time and expertise to come up with some truly novel and creative ideas.

Over the coming months, the HTC will work to identify areas of common research interest emerging from the 3 meetings. We then plan to run focussed workshops to build consortia with a view to progressing the ideas towards grant funding.

Progress will be reported at the Annual National Meeting which will be held at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, on 9th October 2014.