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Fruitful discussions at nanotech workshop

Potential new collaborations to apply nanotechnology to the field of colorectal and other therapies are already under discussion following a recent workshop organised by the HTC.

The workshop, held in Leeds last month (June 2016), attracted clinicians, scientists and engineers from across the UK, including London, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Presentations by clinicians, including HTC Clinical Director Professor David Jayne, Professor Giles Toogood, and Professor Chris Twelves, introduced some of the challenges faced in colorectal surgery, liver cancer surgery, and oncology that nanotechnology could help to address.

These were followed by presentations from two scientists working in the field of nanotechnology, Professor Mark Green and Dr Helen Townley, who showed delegates how the technology was advancing in areas such as drug delivery and imaging.

“The aim of the event was to pair up clinicians – who understand the clinical need – with scientists who have the tools and technologies that could provide a solution,” said Professor Jayne. “We made sure there were plenty of opportunities to network, as we wanted to encourage those attending to form new collaborations and apply for funding to take their ideas forward.

“Some collaborations are already under discussion, so we’re confident there will be some tangible outcomes from the event in the near future.”