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New testbed for surgical technologies

Medical technology companies can now benefit from a rapid and affordable route to early stage evaluation through the HTC’s new Surgical Technology Testbed (STT).

The initiative is aimed at helping companies overcome the challenges associated with evaluating early stage surgical technologies, to provide robust evidence for progression to CE marking, commercialisation and NHS adoption.

Companies will have access to trial design through the Leeds Clinical Trials Unit, and multiple clinical sites through the project’s partner NHS Trusts in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Hull, enabling rapid evaluations over six to nine months, with regular reviews. Health economics assessments and trial coordination will also form part of the package as required. A further advantage for companies will be the transparent and affordable fees for the service, based on a pay-per-patient system.

HTC Programme Manager, Vee Mapunde said: “It can be very difficult for companies looking to move forward with an early stage technology, with issues such as cost, trial design, access to clinical sites and patient recruitment all posing significant challenges. The STT is aimed at simplifying the process, and we’ve already got several companies interested in evaluating their technology with us.”

The STT is suitable for any early stage technology for use in general surgery, but each technology will be assessed by the HTC to ensure the STT provides the best route, with other alternatives offered as required.