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HTCF provides summer of research

Six University of Leeds students will have the opportunity to get involved in multidisciplinary research projects this summer, investigating new technologies linked to colorectal therapies.

Fruitful discussions at nanotech workshop

Potential new collaborations to apply nanotechnology to the field of colorectal and other therapies are already under discussion following a recent workshop organised by the HTC.

IMPRESS event seeks a step change

Technologies that could offer a step change in treatment or management of incontinence were the focus of the latest symposium, run by the IMPRESS network.

Collaboration will be the first straw

The Colorectal Therapies HTC is working in partnership with environmental packaging company, Valueform, to extend and enlarge their medical product range.

Improved image for colonoscopy

A new clinical technology to improve detection of cancerous polyps during colonoscopy is being investigated, with support from the Colorectal Therapies HTC.