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Standing room only at pelvic floor event

The pelvic floor training workshop in May, run jointly by the HTC, Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Impress, was a sell-out event, with all 100 places taken and a few extra delegates squeezed in.

Designed as a training event for health care professionals, research engineers and scientists interested in working in the area of incontinence, the “What’s new in pelvic floor?” workshop focused on new technologies and ideas in the diagnostics and management of pelvic floor disorders.

The day included three sessions covering diagnostics, colorectal and urogynaecology, each with three speakers talking about the latest innovation in their fields. The speakers included colorectal surgeons, urological surgeons, urogynaecologists, radiologists, GI physiologists and physiotherapists drawn from Leeds Teaching Hospitals and hospitals in Sheffield, London and East Lancashire.

The final session involved multidisciplinary panel discussions of three real cases, where speakers from the earlier sessions came together to consider the clinical challenges involved. The cases included a woman with an anovaginal fistula – a connection between the vagina and anus – where previous surgery had led to complications; an elderly woman who’d undergone several operations to deal with prolapse of her pelvic organs; and a woman suffering from a hernia in her pelvic floor, following mesh surgery to mend a prolapse of the rectum.

Each case was presented to, then discussed by the panel, with additional comments from the audience, before the panel chair explained what the actual outcome for the patient had been.

“The audience participation in these case discussions was very enthusiastic, with lots of debate over the issues involved,” said HTC Project Manager Sheila Boyes.

Feedback on the day was overwhelmingly positive, with many delegates calling for the workshop to be a regular, annual event. There was particular praise for the variety of topics covered and the range of speakers, with one delegate commenting: “It is so refreshing to come away from a study day such as this having learnt new innovations and practice.”